Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I'm not really a Lectionary preacher, but I regularly use the resources of the website Lectionary.org. This web service is provided by Richard Donavan. He reads and gleans the best nuggets of commentary from William Barclay, Walter Brueggemann, Fred Craddock, William Lane, and many others.

His free exegesis is my first source when beginning to study a Bible passage. Why read tons of commentaries when Dick Donavan has already harvested the best from each? There are additional services for a slight fee that give more helps for sermon and worship prep (depending on how much help you need! ha ha).

Dick is still in the process of doing exegetical work for the Old Testament Lectionary passages. Most of the gospel passages are already complete, and even if the specific passage is not, usually a parallel passage in another gospel is. Check out Dick's site. Save valuable time and increase exegetical quality.

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Greg Hazelrig said...

I just started using these resources about a month ago and so far have been happy with Donovan.