Friday, April 28, 2006

Take the Lead

Last night my wife and I got away from our two kids for our annual date night. (OK, I'm exaggerating a little. Its more like semi-annual.) The town I live in has one movie theater, with two screens. If we're going to get in dinner and a movie in the same date, we have to stay in town. So there were two options for movies yesterday afternoon when I was planning our date night. One was Scary Movie 4, the other was Take the Lead. I knew my wife wouldn't go for Scary Movie 4, and that I would get points if I took her to a cheesy movie about dancing like Take the Lead.

The internet review that I had read had mistakenly reported that Take the Lead was a musical. I was SO pleased that it wasn't! It was actually a really cool movie, inspired by the true story of Pierre Dulaine, who developed ballroom dancing classes to teach values to ghetto kids in near-hopeless situations. There was one scene that was so cheesy that I cried. (It was new kind of tear for me to shed. I cried in Shallow Hal because I was so touched at the end. I've cried in other movies because they were so sad. I had never cried because something was so cheesy before.)

The cheesy scene aside, this actually turned out to be a killer movie. I'm not even joking now. It was VERY good. Antonio Banderas did a great job. And from my memory, there was only one cuss word in the movie. I'm nominating this for Best Date Night Movie of 2006. (Shallow Hal got the same award in 2001.)

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