Monday, May 29, 2006


My wife and two children and I drove down to spend the night with my Mom last night, so we could be with her on Memorial Day and visit my Dad's grave. He died November 16, 2004. This picture would have been taken in March of 2004, when my son was around 4 months old. We visited his gravesite, my paternal grandparents' and my maternal grandmother's as well. My maternal grandfather went for the drive with us. I really miss my Dad.


bandlady said...

What a wonderful picture of your dad with his grandson. I'll pray that the joyful memories are more frequent than the painful ones of losing him.

Jason Woolever said...

thanks bandlady. they usually are. there was a time when the kids were outside with my mom and wife and yesterday. i came into my mom's house to get something and got lost looking at pictures of my dad. the ones that really got me choked up were the ones of him when he was my age, holding my big brother and me. i'm glad to have those pix.