Tuesday, May 30, 2006

how media affects you

Today Brian Bill posted a link to a really good article about how the movies and TV we watch and the books we read affect the lens through which we see the life, the world, and everything. This article shares some very important truth. I encourage you to read it by clicking here.


Carol Herdien said...

It was an excellent article. As one who used to be an avid movie fan, it alarms me to see what Hollywood offers now. And TV. I guess that is why I stick with "Leave it to Beaver" and "Andy Griffith."

There were several links at the bottom of the article on this particular website. I clicked onto "Hollywood, Herod and The Massacre of Innocence"

If you have time, read this article by Greg Spencer. It is very thought-provoking, especially to parents of young children.

Carol Herdien

Jason Woolever said...

carol, i really liked the Greg Spencer article. These are important discussions to have for sure. Its really got me thinking. Thanks for the referral!

jen said...


Cut and paste this link to another really good article. It discusses how people can choose to just passively watch a movie and let things pass over them and sink into their subconscious (long sentence huh?), or analyze the film to understand the messages of the movie and discriminate between agreeable messages and harmful messages.

If the link comes out funny just type in the following with the spaces between slashes (/) removed.

http://www.boundless.org/2000/ departments/

Jason Woolever said...

jen, that's a good article too. i like how the girl rates movies on four things: sex, violence, profanity, and content.