Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I feel called to write a book

Lately, I've been really looking at my life and trying to listen to my heart and seek wise counsel about my calling and giftedness. As a part of my pastoral calling, I feel that God is calling me to write a book. I have to owe the general thrust of the decision to proceed with this project to my friend Lon. This morning at breakfast he convinced me that I should see this as part of my calling as a pastor, as long as I was doing it 1)To live out my giftedness, 2)To help people, 3)Not to get rich. So, here goes.

“Steadfast in an Unsteady World”
(Whatever You Do, Don’t Give Up)
by Jason Woolever

Chapter 1: Steadfastness in the Storms of Life

Chapter 2: Steadfastness in Your Relational Life
(Don’t give up on your friends and family!)

Chapter 3: Steadfastness in Your Vocational Life
(Don’t give up on your life’s calling!)

Chapter 4: Steadfastness in Your Financial Life
(Don’t give up on managing your money!)

Chapter 5: Steadfastness in Your Emotional Life
(Don’t give up in the midst of depression!)

Chapter 6: Steadfastness in Your Physical Life
(Don't give up when your body is wasting away!)

Chapter 7: Steadfastness in Your Transitional Life
(Don’t give up in the midst of grief!)

Chapter 8: Steadfastness in Your Spiritual Life
(Don’t give up on loving God with all your being!)

Chapter 9: The Steadfast Love of God
(The reason why you need never give up)

Time Line for Completion
Due Dates Goals
Wednesday, 5-10-06 Outline of Chapters 1-4 *
Wednesday, 5-17-06 Outline of Chapters 5-6
Wednesday, 5-24-06 Outline of Chapters 7-8
Wednesday, 5-31-06 Draft of Chapter 1 *
Wednesday, 6-7-06 Draft of Chapter 2 *
Wednesday, 6-14-06 Draft of Chapter 3 *
Wednesday, 6-28-06 Draft of Chapter 4 *
Wednesday, 7-5-06 Draft of Chapter 5
Wednesday, 7-12-06 Draft of Chapter 6
Wednesday, 7-19-06 Draft of Chapter 7
Wednesday, 7-26-06 Draft of Chapter 8
Wednesday, 8-2-06 Draft of Chapter 9
Wednesday, 8-9-06 Draft of Full Manuscript
Wednesday, 8-16-06 5 publishing options
Wednesday, 8-23-06 Publishing decision
Wednesday, 8-30-06 Publishing in process

Last week, when I was vacillating over Bible translations, I questioned my sanity. This week, I've accepted the fact that I'm crazy and decided that I better milk it for all its worth (not monetarily, but spiritually as God intended).


bandlady said...

If your book is as educational, challenging, and entertaining as your sermons are, I know I'll enjoy it! I'll be the first to buy it, Jason.

Jason Woolever said...

thanks for the encouragement, bandlady!!

Aaron said...

An impressive goal young Woolever. It's a pretty fast time line, however, I have full confidence that you can crank it out and maybe throw in a bit about steadfastness in attending a church full of orphaned children while you are at it.

Jason Woolever said...

the chapter about the orphaned childrens church is still in consideration.