Monday, May 15, 2006

kids like Communion

Yesterday, we had "Children's Sunday" at our church. At our last worship service, there was a panel discussion where the Children's Coordinator and I interviewed five 4th and 5th graders. Some of the things we discovered were very helpful.

You could probably guess that most of the kids wished that the sermon was shorter. (I always wish that myself, unless I'm the one preaching, then I seem to be able to babble on forever.)

What most of them liked the most about church was taking Communion. And many of them wished we took Communion more often.

I thought the Communion thing was very interesting. Upon reading the New Testament, it seems to be clear that the believers met together and partook of the Lord's Supper (Communion) every week. It seems that was the main reason they did meet every week.

I'm not sure why we got out of the habit of doing it every week in many churches. Probably because pastors who thought they were very important thought they needed more time to preach!


Jamison said...

Hey. In terms of communion and frequency, check out the This Holy Mystery booklet from GBOD. It really encourages Methodists to get back to weekly communion. Which is what Wesley believed anyway.

The main reason we got away from it is because of the itnerant system. Pastors who could give communion may have only been to a parish once every three months. So even when pastors were more plentiful the practice stuck.

Jason Woolever said...

jamison, thanks for the booklet info. i might want to check that out.

you've got to be right about the reason we got away from weekly communion. i would love to get back to it.

DogBlogger said...

I agree on Communion being under-celebrated (even on the Sundays when we "celebrate" it).

One reason kids may especially appreciate Holy Communion is because it's experiential. It's the moment when everybody gets to get up and do, hear, see, smell, taste in worship. Holy Communion is as multi-sensory as you can get.

Jason Woolever said...

yeah, its interesting to hear that the post-modern culture likes experiential learning, and its wild to hear it confirmed by the feedback of the little kids

The Streaken Deacon said...

Hey Jason,
not to "dis" Jamison....
The reason that Holy Communion every 3 months became a norm was due to the effect use of lay preachers who spread the gospel & started classes -but could not offer Holy Communion. So to follow Wesley as best as could be, the District Superintendent would call "Quarterly Conference" - now done annually - and, hence, each quarter the Superintendent/Elder would serve Holy Communion.
Sadly, quarterly communion became culturally correct - like 1-hour worship (due, I think, to the popular hymn "Sweet Hour of Prayer". Danno from Collinsvillo

Jason Woolever said...

that's interesting streaken. by elder, i guess that ordained elders today would qualify?