Tuesday, May 23, 2006

leadership models

"In one sense, the leadership model that people often experience is summarized by the popular opinion: 'It's all about me.' In all kinds of organizations and institutions, the rewards of money, recognition, and power increase as you move up the heirarchy. Self-promotion (pride) and self-protection (fear) are the reigning motivations that dominate the leadership landscape. Many leaders act as if the sheep are there only for the benefit of the shepherd. In personal relationships, leadership expectations of mutual respect, loving care, self-sacrifice, and openness are often undermined when pride, fear, and indifference replace intimacy with isolation. That's the bad news.
"There is a way to lead that honors God and restores health and effectiveness to organizations and relationships. It is the way Jesus calls us to follow as leaders: to serve rather than be served." (Lead Like Jesus, pp.3-4, italics mine)

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