Saturday, May 06, 2006

opossum trapping - day 3

My son and I were very happy this morning to find that we had caught something.
Here's what we've learned so far:
1) Trapping "animals" is much easier than one might think.
2) Trapping the animal you're trying to trap is strangely difficult.
3) It takes rabbits and raccoons quite a while to realize that the cage is open and they're free to go home.
4) Rabbits like tuna (preferably Fancy Feast).


Anonymous said...

rabbit recipes - enjoy!

John said...

You let the rabbit go, right?

Jason Woolever said...

john, i know your really into rabbits, man. but i used to have two rabbits which lived in my closet when I was in college. i'm not up for it anymore. the way they spray! unbelievable!

anyway, if we don't stay focused on our mission, we'll never catch that opossum. this opossum is so tricky, he may have actually been imitating rabbit and fooled us so we'd let him go.

if i catch another bunny, i'll fed ex it to you.

Jamison said...

Hey Jason. Found your site through Wesley Daily. The trapping entries are hilarious. I'm gonna have to add you to my bloglines just so I can get some resolution to the saga! :)

Jason Woolever said...

sweet. I'm taking a few days off the trappin though. ever since I started catching coons and rabbits, the opossum hasn't even been doing his/her daily laps around my backyard at 6:20am. I'm going to hold off setting the trap until i see him/her/it again.

John said...

Gotta neuter them. That ends the spraying problem.

Jason Woolever said...

I didn't know that. I could have gotten my security deposit back if I had that piece of info at the right time!