Saturday, May 13, 2006

opossum update

We have not seen the opossum since the May 3 sighting. He is either dead, still on the loose, or playing opossum somewhere.


Carol Herdien said...

Possums are very clever and wily. I had several possums that lived in my yard in Bloomington. They would come out at night, sit in a large bush, and drive my dog nuts as they eyeballed each other through a picture window. It knew my dog couldn't get it, so was cocky. Once my dog ran after the possum in the back yard and jumped it. It rolled over on its back and its eyes were glassy and it looked very, very stiff. I was sure it was dead and that the dog killed it. I took the dog inside the house and when I went back outside to pick up the body in a shovel, it was gone. When they say a possum will play "possum" that is exactly what they will do when confronted with danger.

Personally I don't like possums and their beady red eyes, but they have to live in this world too, along with raccoons, rabbits, groundhogs, and other wild creatures. One thing about possums, they keep hidden during the day. Probably taking care of their large family. Possums multiply almost as fast as rabbits.

Where you live, at one time was out in the country in Pontiac and the message just hasn't gotten to the furry critters that we have first pick. God loves possums too, but not as much as he loves us.

Carol Herdien

Jason Woolever said...

carol, you're right about opossums. i clearly underestimated the intelligence of the one that lives under my house.