Friday, May 26, 2006

update on the book i'm writing

Here's an update on the progress with the book writing. You can see my completion goals. You'll notice that I'm jumping around a little bit. I was getting anxious to start writing. I decided to start writing drafts even though I didn't have all the outlines done.

I've added a chapter about staying steadfast in your physical life (chapter 6).

I'm thinking of changing the title to "Whatever You Do, Don't Give Up" and making the subtitle "(Staying steadfast in an Unsteady World)".

I would like to thank everyone for the continual encouragement and those of you who have read drafts of chapters and offered helpful editing and comments. Thanks also for those who are holding me accountable for working on it.

Time Line for Completion
Due Dates--------------Goals
Wednesday, 5-10-06 Outlines of Chapters 1-4 *
Wednesday, 5-17-06 Outlines of Chapters 5-6
Wednesday, 5-24-06 Outlines of Chapters 7-8
Wednesday, 5-31-06 Draft of Chapter 1 *
Wednesday, 6-7-06 Draft of Chapter 2 *
Wednesday, 6-14-06 Draft of Chapter 3 *
Wednesday, 6-28-06 Draft of Chapter 4 *
Wednesday, 7-5-06 Draft of Chapter 5
Wednesday, 7-12-06 Draft of Chapter 6
Wednesday, 7-19-06 Draft of Chapter 7
Wednesday, 7-26-06 Draft of Chapter 8
Wednesday, 8-2-06 Draft of Chapter 9
Wednesday, 8-9-06 Draft of Full Manuscript
Wednesday, 8-16-06 5 publishing options
Wednesday, 8-23-06 Publishing decision
Wednesday, 8-30-06 Publishing in process

“Staying Steadfast in an Unsteady World”
(Whatever You Do, Don’t Give Up)
by Jason Woolever

Chapter 1: Staying Steadfast in the Storms of Life
(Good reasons to never give up!)

Chapter 2: Staying Steadfast in Your Relational Life
(Don’t give up on your friends and family!)

Chapter 3: Staying Steadfast in Your Vocational Life
(Don’t give up on your life’s calling!)

Chapter 4: Staying Steadfast in Your Financial Life
(Don’t give up on managing your money!)

Chapter 5: Staying Steadfast in Your Emotional Life
(Don’t give up in the midst of depression!)

Chapter 6: Staying Steadfast in Your Physical Life
(Don't give up when your body is wasting away!)

Chapter 7: Staying Steadfast in Your Transitional Life
(Don’t give up in the midst of grief!)

Chapter 8: Staying Steadfast in Your Spiritual Life
(Don’t give up on loving God with all your being!)

Chapter 9: The Steadfast Love of God
(The reason why you need never give up)


Avid Reader (unbiased) said...

Hi Hon,
It looks super. You've really done a lot of good work on this book. I've enjoyed reading the first few chapters. You always seem to either teach me something new or help me to look at something in a new way. I can't wait to read more. My encouragement to you is "Don't give up on writing your book!"

Jason Woolever said...

hey babe, thanks for being my girl.
love you. j.