Monday, June 05, 2006

gay marriage

Wesley Daily is running an article about how First United Methodist Church in Omaha, Nebraska, is getting around the denominational restrictions for performing gay marriages. Apparantly their Bishop supports them in this.

Read the Wesley Daily article by clicking here.
Read "Omaha church adopts pro-gay policy" in the Lincon, Nebraska Journal Star, by clicking here.


di dooley said...

i applaud them. they are proving that at their church, "open hearts, opens doors, open minds" really means for ALL. the church is getting so caught up in this "sin" that we are forgetting that we have liars, divorced people (some of us several times), gamblers, mixed race marriages, people living together and/or having premarital sex....and the list goes on, sitting at our church. we need to stop judging people on this issue and let God be the judge. our # 1 job that Jesus Christ gave us here is to love one another....period!

John said...

It's very sad, but not at all surprising that a Bishop would support the outright flaunting of the Book of Discipline.

Anonymous said...

To love one another is one of the greatest things we can do for the Lord. That said... We are also called on to rebuke a brother who has strayed and attempt to bring them back to grace. Those who know Christ are expected to follow a higher path. Read 1 Corinthians chapter 5:12-13. That doesn't mean that we are to expel everyone who has sin or makes "mistakes" or "poor" choices. If we did there would be a big empty building there. It means that when we mess up we need to repent, and we need to make corrections. We can not continue to applaud those who lie, gamble, have pre-marital sex, or a million other things contrary to Christ’s will. A bishop who thumbs her nose at the Word of God and at the bylaws of her denomination shows a lack of respect for the One who created her. Even then we are called to love. Hard – Yes!! Impossible – no, not if we truly have the Spirit within us.