Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Presbyterian Church in decline

The United Methodist denomination is not the only one in decline.


Andrew W. Yeager-Buckley said...

It's unfortunate that so much attention is given to the decline of denominations and not to the growth and new life happening at the same time. Personally as a Presbyterian I believe we are on the edge of something really special.

Jason Woolever said...

andrew, that's a great point. i wish i was better at focusing on the positive. something i need to continually be held accountable for. thanks for the reminder.

BigDoo said...

On occassion I go out to other churches on sunday just to get an idea, to ask questions and to see what their doing differently if anything.
I'm convinced it's people who don't go to church,and a few that do who are not willing to put God first in their lives has the church attendance in decline. Sad isn't it?
Perhaps God will allow the church as we know it to disappear and a new more glorified church will appear. God first

Jason Woolever said...

hey doo, so true. the glorious church will appear some time. it may not happen until until we appear with him in glory!
"when Christ who is our life appears, we will appear with him in glory." (Col.3:?)

Anonymous said...

Man, I thought I had it tough. What does a laid off Presbyterian missionary do? Can he collect state unemployment? Does he change demoninations to continue mission work? Does he look for a para-church organization?

Church layoffs -- I could understand administrative staff, not reappoint (bishops / presbyters) when they retire, consolidate districts / territories, combine churches / ministries..

But lay off missionaries? That's cold... It's a sad day in the body of Christ.

John Flores
Frisco, Texas