Tuesday, June 06, 2006

why the United Methodist Church is sinking

The Minneapolis-St.Paul Star Tribune newpaper may have figured out why the United Methodist Church is declining. Sometimes it takes an outsider looking in to see the truth.

Read the article "Methodists' focus on activism may be clearing out pews," by clicking here.


Jamison said...

I'm in Minnesota and had a chance to talk with people at the Conference after the vote. I think one of the better things that came out of it was the way the vote was carried out. It was done with respect and discipline.

Now, on to the bigger questions, I think churches on both the right and the left need to start asking what's really important. Do we want to spend all of our time trying to come up with social principles to govern society, or do we want to be the kingdom of God in the world? Greg Boyd, a pastor/author here in Minnesota put it well, when he said that the real kingdom of God is not a "power over society", but is a "power under society". Shaping it and molding it through the lives of the people who are filled with the Holy Spirit.

I think the quicker churches get out of the political activisim game on BOTH sides the better off for the church, and for it's people.

p.s. thanks for the article post. I posted it on a site I help with: Christdot

Jason Woolever said...

great points, jamison. i love the "power under society" picture. that's exactly what we need.