Friday, July 21, 2006

i hate to bring it up again, but...

This article in the latest Christianity Today asks the question, "Whatever happened to the idea of rescuing people from hell?"


John said...

How many people even believe in Hell anymore?

We need to preach the reality of damnation for the unsaved more. There is no neutrality with Christ.

Jason Woolever said...

you're right. it's weird. it's like hell just went out of existence in the minds of modern people. it just became uncool to believe in it.

Mike Rayson said...

Whats better? People falling (or saved into) a love relationship with Christ, or someone saying yes just to escape the burning fires.

One is indicitive of a love realtionship instigated by God, the other is born of fear.

Hell is real - I'm not sure I could go as far as to say literally real with burning sulfer - but eternity with a permanently closed mind to God. I'm sure we can agree on thats its not a place to aspire membership in!!!

But there are better ways of introducing people to Jesus than by guilt and fear and fire.

Just my 2c worth.


Jason Woolever said...

i know what you're saying, miko. it does however seem to me that Jesus himself spoke often of the day of judgment, avoiding hell, etc. and john the baptizer especially did. when we talk about a "better way to share Jesus" are we talking about a better way that the one he used. given, its definitely not the only way to share jesus, or even the one that we should use most of the time. but did jesus or did he not use scare tactics? I think he did.