Friday, July 21, 2006

the new face of Southern Baptist

Pontiac native, Steve McCoy, just may be the wackiest Southern Baptist preacher ever. It's good to know that we United Methodists aren't the only weirdos!


Jason Woolever said...

I use "weirdo" in the best possible sense of the word.

bandlady said...

LOL...loved the picture and the traditional goofy poses that those church directory photographers make us do. I was just commenting to my boyfriend when I saw his church directory photo that I think it's a requirement to look as dorky as possible, especially if you're single.

The SBC must be going crazy over this photo! LOL

Anonymous said...

Some fundamentalists do need a kick in the pants every now and then.

Our men's group is struggling with the "Greet each other with a holy kiss".

John Flores
Frisco, Texas

Maybe I need to do need to join