Friday, August 18, 2006

1747 Rules for Preaching

I'm reading Richard P. Heitzenrater's Wesley and the People Called Methodists. Last night I came across some rules for preaching articulated at the 1747 Conference.
1747 Rules for Preaching
1. Be sure to begin and end precisely at the time appointed.
2. Sing no hymns of your own composing.
3. Endeavour to be serious, weighty, and solemn in your whole deportment before the congregation.
4. Choose the plainest texts you can.
5. Take care not to ramble from your text, but to keep close to it, and make out what you undertake.
6. Always suit your subject to your audience.
7. Beware of allegorizing or spiritualizing too much.
8. Take care of anything awkward or affected, either in your gesture or pronunciation.
9. Tell each other, if you observe anything of this kind.


Mike the musician said...

Well... seems I am counted out under the heading 'sing no hymns of your own comprising'.

I wonder if Wesley meant to say - if you sing anything other than what my brother writes, you can all go get nicked!!



Jason Woolever said...

yes, you would certainly be toast, mickey!

I wonder whose hymns they sung when Charles preached.

John said...

Be sure to begin and end precisely at the time appointed.

Do you think that this could apply to committee meetings as well?

Jason Woolever said...

that would be cool

Mark Winter said...

Hey, where's "Begin with a canned joke" and "Use no more than three points"?