Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Big Doo evangelism

My friend Mark Dooley is stepping out in faith and performing gospel music and giving his testimony at a completely secular environment this Friday night. Pray that God would anoint him to share the gospel clearly and prepare the hearts of the unconverted to hear the good news of Christ's saving love.


Anonymous said...


What kind of evangelism does your church do?

I will pray for strength and encouragement for your friend in his singing and personal testimony.

The UMC would be a lot larger church if each one of use lay people believed they are called by the great commission also and need to witnesss for Christ in their daily lives at whatever venue no matter how small or large.

John Flores
Friso, Texas

Jason Woolever said...

our church has a revival about once a year. we also do outreach to the community through different needs-based ministries. we also encourage one-on-one evangelism.

how about yours?

Anonymous said...


The UMC Church I belong attend has a low, low key evangelism program.

One such program is no stress Sunday where one can join the church with just a paperwork transaction and a followup phone call. No need to come to the front of the church.

Vacation Bible School and the Saturday Night youth service draw large attendance. I am told parents join our UMC church to support their children. Once the parents join then Sunday School and Bible Class options are presented.

There are a number of ongoing ministries to the local Food Bank, school supplies for children, special needs children, and a quite a few others that I am only recently becoming aware of.

I am not aware that our church does any one on one evangelism. Prior to joing the church, the most I would get was an postcard invite to Easter and Christmas services with an invitation to join.

We do have "Bring a friend" to church Sunday. I do not know how successful that is.

We just changed pastors. Things may change. The preaching style is radically different. My wife's comment was "He sounds like a Baptist".

God must have a sense of humor. Everything that my wife has difficulty with in the Baptist church, there it is in our new UMC pastor. I am trying not to be smug on this.

One of the other moves that is being done is using the NIV translation. The church had a commerative bible for sale with a picture of the church and aniversary dates. Its a nice Bible, one reason for the NIV was to keep costs down. The custom NIV bible was cheaper to make. I like to study from the NIV but don't memorize scripture from it.

Good talking to you and thank you in being a friend and helping me with my Christian walk via this blog.

John Flores
Frisco, Texas