Monday, August 21, 2006

choosing to cheat

On my ministry and balance post, the Holy Pirate brought up an important work by Andy Stanley that deals with this very issue. Choosing to Cheat is a great little book that every Christian husband or wife who works outside the home should read. Stanley explains that the job we do at work could likely be done many different people in the world, but the job we do at home can only be done by us. You owe it to your family to read this excellent and very short book. Check it out online.

PERSONAL NOTE: Stanley describes in this book how when his kids were young, the time of day his wife needed his help the most was between 4-6pm. He decided that he would leave the office everyday by 4:15pm, and had his staff hold him accountable to this. After reading this, I changed my own hours. I decided to go in early so I could be home by 4:00pm and help my wife with my kids after they got up from their naps. As a result, almost every night I get to spend 3 hours with them before their bedtime, even if I have to be back at the church for meetings from 7-9pm.

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Happy Wife said...

Well, I'd have to say its been a rare day that I've seen my husband home at 4:00pm, but I'm always grateful when I see him around 4:15/4:30. The last couple of hours between 4 and 6 are a little trying, so I really appreciate his understanding and willingness to be home whenever he can. I feel so blessed to have the husband I have and his determination to put our family first.