Monday, August 28, 2006

end of the spear

My wife and I watched this great movie Friday night. This is a true story about missionaries in Equador who died trying to bring Jesus to some natives of the area. The natives were later converted by the way the missionaries loved them as they were dying and by the love the missionaries' families showed the natives afterward. This movie is a great example of how desperately unreached people groups need the good news of Jesus Christ. Check it out if you haven't seen it already.


Mark Winter said...


My wife and I watched 'End of the Spear' for the first time earlier this summer. We loved it, too, despite harsh reviews from critics. I'm not sure why they hated it, because EOTS was wayyyy better than most 'Christian' movies with substandard acting, corny plots and horrible cinematography.

Carol Herdien said...

I remember this true event from many years ago. These natives were viewed as savages because they killed the missionaries. If my memory serves, I believe the wives of the dead men returned to Ecuador and continued to minister to the natives (which would require much faith and courage) and that is why they turned their lives around. This may be the same story.

Carol Herdien

Jason Woolever said...

Carol, I'm pretty sure it was the very same story. That's cool that you remember when it happens. You ought to check out the flick.

Jason Woolever said...

I agree that this was much better than most movies in the Christian genre. I think most of the criticism came from folks who were upset that the main character was played by a man who is gay. I don't think that hurt the movie at all. He did a great job.

bandlady said...

Loved the movie. My boyfriend bought it for me and I've already loaned it out for others to enjoy!