Monday, August 21, 2006

the first day of school

This morning as I drove to work a couple of minutes before 8:00am, I passed scores of kids being summoned to the first day of the school.

I passed a couple of kids holding hands, who probably started dating in the summer, surrounded by some strange looking friends. I was hoping that the weird looking kids would continue to have the joy that they seemed to have from being a part of a group. In the summer, when you're away from school, its easy to forget that the rest of your peers see you as strange, ugly, and freakish.

I saw a couple of boys dressed in black. A shorter one with long brown hair under his backward-turned baseball cap. A taller one with short hair had black eyeliner on. I remembered a time in my life when I had long hair and wore black T-shirts. There was even a short stint of time when I wore yellow sunglasses indoors and outdoors, and painted my fingernails.

Finally, I saw two girls who I know are Christians. I'm hoping that they will stand firm in their faith, and let their light shine brightly among the other kids. i hope that they break through the clique mentality and let the outcasts know that Jesus was an outcast too and that he loves them deeply.

Pray for the students who are beginning school today. Pray that those walking in darkness will see the light through Christian teachers and Christian students.

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