Wednesday, August 30, 2006

more Jews for Jesus

I recently received my copy of the September edition of the Jews for Jesus newspaper which summarized the great things that happened in their New York evangelism campaign. The info is also available here. Here's a bit:
Last month, throughout the greater New York area, our campaigners handed out 1,872,800 broadside tracts. We received contact information from 11,718 people who want to hear more from us including 3,689 Jewish seekers and 2,712 Gentile seekers. We knocked on 9,430 doors and connected with 2,170 people in their homes. We also connected by telephone with 8,711 of the 25,790 people that we called. We sent 3,396 copies of the “Jesus for Jews“ testimony book free to seekers who requested them through our evangelistic ads and mailings, and prayed with 241 Jewish people and 261 Gentiles to receive Jesus as Messiah and Lord.
On another note, here's a great article by Jews for Jesus Executive Director David Brickner about the Great Tribulation, which outlines their end-times position, which happens to be pretrib premillenialism.

I'm so encouraged by the ministry of this group.


Seven Star Hand said...
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Jason Woolever said...

ssh, I'm going to delete your lengthy comment for the same reason I deleted your comment the last time you posted here. This is an evangelical Christian weblog and I won't let it be used by you to publish your openly anti-Christian propaganda, which is trying to lead Christians and seekers away from faith in Christ. I hope you understand.
peace to you,