Friday, September 08, 2006

demon possession

Thanks to the excellent research of the Holy Pirate, we now have a great picture of what a demon-possessed animal looks like. Check this out.


bandlady said...

To me, that looks like a classic case of some poor cat that has been traumatized! Poor thing. I actually feel sorry for it. (And I'm NOT a cat person!)

Carol Herdien said...

That poor cat's reaction is similar to the way Ruth's cat Newton reacted to everyone. This was the tiny 3-week old kitten thrown in a dumpter and who Ruth cared for and raised to a healthy cat. But Newton never got over the trauma and was afraid and always hissed and was unfriendly to all but Ruth. Not quite as violently as the cat on the video, but similar. Poor cat.

Carol Herdien

Anonymous said...

That is sad. Who ever treats an animal so that it reacts like that is the one who should be considered for demon possesion.

bandlady said...

Anonymous is RIGHT!

I get frustrated at people who think I'm some kind of bleeding heart because I care for animals. However, what some people don't realize is that animal abuse usually leads to eventual people abuse.

So, if you know of someone who abuses animals, you can almost bet that they'll move on to small humans soon after.

Sad but true fact.

Jason Woolever said...

what if the cat really does have a demon and satan is laughing at us as we blame one another.