Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Driscoll on preaching

I just read an article where Mark Driscoll describes in fair detail his preaching/preparation habits. Considering that he preaches for anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half, this point is the one that surprised me the most:
Junk your notes and go with the Ghost . . . sometimes. Some years ago I have up trying to manuscript or outline my sermons. Now, I focus on knowing the Scriptures I am preaching, spending many hours in prayer, meditation, and repentance through the Scriptures, and being filled with the power of God the Ghost. Then, I just get up and with a few scribbled notes in my margins I preach as God leads and trust that God will direct my words and He always does. Sometimes I may use a brief outline, but I am not tied to any one way of being ready to preach and just do whatever seems like it will do the job best.

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