Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Al Jolson

this is for you carol!


Carol Herdien said...

Jason! I wrote you a comment about how thrilled and overwhelmed I was about this musical clip, but it must have gotten lost in cyberspace, because when I came back in to listen to Jolson again, it hadn't been published. Who knows why? Anyway, I didn't want to fail to tell you what seeing and listening to him again meant to me.

I was there at that very performance on the clip right in the front row center after waiting 12 hours to see him. You can see that the microphone has WGN on it (a Chicago radio station owned by The Chicago Tribune.) WGN means World's Greatest Newspaper.

I used to lip sinc this very song (and many others) in musical shows in blackface, tuxedo, gloves, and negro wig (you could do that in 1950).

I can't imagine how you found this, but it has meant the world to me. I really got choked up watching him. He was close to death from lung cancer and had to use a mike, but before that he just used his voice. In the middle of this song -- when he was younger -- he used to get down on one knee.

He may seem corny to the young people, but he was known as the world's greatest entertainer in his day.

Thanks so much for this highlight in my day. I keep watching it over and over and hope when my son comes from Richmond the end of November, he will be able to copy it into my computer.


Jason Woolever said...

wow carol! i can't believe you were actually there for this very clip. what are the chances? that's cool! glad i found it for you. anything for you carol!