Wednesday, October 18, 2006

do you expect your pastor to be more competent than Jesus?

Here's a good little article from Leadership Journal that describes unreasonable expectations that are placed on pastors. Here are a couple of excerpts:
A quick perusal of church job-search web sites reveals positions which ask for leaders more perfect than Jesus: "The ideal candidate will be a visionary leader who can also develop and implement strategies to fulfill this vision, all while caring personally for every member of the congregation. Gifts required include leadership, preaching/teaching, pastoral care, team-building, and administration." Such expectations are not only unrealistic, they are unbiblical...

But there is no use pretending that you are good at everything. Those under the influence of your leadership will discover the truth sooner rather than later. Leadership trust is gained by how well you manage your strengths and weaknesses, and by how honest you are about them, no matter what size your ministry...

Lack of skill in a particular ministry or leadership area is not a sign of poor character; however, failure to recognize or admit that weakness might be. There is a fine line between being unskilled (lack of competence) and being unteachable (lack of character).

Do you truly know your weakest skill areas? Do you listen when others tell you what they are? And, most importantly, do you take steps to deal with them, or do you find yourself making excuses for them? Leaders with strong character will seek accountability and input, and will then seek to manage (not necessarily improve) areas of weakness.

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