Thursday, October 12, 2006

oppression of women

A couple of days ago my wife checked out the movie Kandahar from the public library. The star of the movie is Nelofer Pazira who escaped from Afghanistan with her family when she was a teenager. A number of years later she received a letter from a friend of hers who was so depressed by the oppression that she was experiencing under the Taliban regime that she was going to commit suicide. This movie is a telling of the story of how Nelofer tried to sneak back into Kabul, Afghanistan to save her friend. Unfortunately she never made it. However, she did make it one of her life goals to inform the world about how horrible the conditions were.We stumbled onto this movie somewhat randomly, but I think that we all owe it to our fellow members of the human race to be informed of their plights. If you would like to gain a better understanding of the misery of the life that women in these situations are experiencing, see this 84 minute movie very soon. Don't take your freedom for granted. Use it to liberate the downtrodden.


Anonymous said...


One of my co-workers has left for his home of Pakistan. His father divorced his mother. In the States that is unpleasantly too common. In Muslim Pakistan, they don't believe in divorce. But they believe in murder.

My co-worker is trying to bring his mother to the US because the rest of his family and the Muslim hometown want his mother dead.

Just pray for MK and his mom to come back to Dallas safely.

Thank you all in advance for your prayers,

John Flores

Jason Woolever said...

wow! that is so far beyond what we usually think about. i'll pray.