Thursday, October 05, 2006

the secret to Dan Kimball's hair

Dan Kimball's emerging worship session is a lot of fun. For the last hour, we got to play with modeling clay and make things that reflected our worship for God based on the reading of the Beatitudes. He has publically revealed the secret to his incredible hair. Its called Fiber Grease.


JD said...

I remember that phase, back in the 80's with the flat tops. You're not much younger than I am remember, don't you? Think hard...Howie Long come to mind? :)


Jason Woolever said...

I remember them JD. Kimball has a megaflattop. not a military thing but a huge tidal wave type thing.

Anonymous said...


You thinking experimental hairstyle to liven things up?

Ask your wife what she would think if you were to get blonde highlights.

She might approve but if she starts laughing it is probably a bad idea.

John Flores
Frisco, Texas