Tuesday, October 24, 2006

sticking to the historic Christian faith

As I've been reading McLaren books lately, I've been a little bit depressed by the fact that it seems to be so hip right now to deconstruct traditional Christianity and come up with new stuff. As I'm reading Willimon, I was encouraged by something he says about the role of the pastor to proclaim the good old historic Christian faith.
The pastor is to be a witness, bearing testimony to the received faith of the church. The pastor is not ordained to share his or her personal or idiosyncratic theology, but rather to bear the burden of the whole faith of the whole church, the testimony of the saints, the witness of Scripture... Christians are distinguished by our effort to think as the church has thought down through the ages. Among us, a truly "original idea" is what we usually call heresy... Christians are folk who practice anamnesis, the refusal to forget, the earnest effort to remember. (50-51)


Bill Byars said...

I've recently been reading a lot of 1st through 3rd centry writings, and as I'm sure you know, the Church Fathers were very leary of new ideas, and I think rightfully so. Of course, they spent decades combating various bad ideas.

Interesting quote, and strongly stated. Well done, I think.

- Bill

Armando said...

Very good quote! It reminds me the calling to remain firm and rooted in the good doctrines, even for the sake of those in our churches who are exploring new ideas, though there is nothing new under the sun!
I mean, we still have to be a reference and bear witness of the historical faith.

- Armando

Jason Woolever said...

"even for the sake of those in our churches who are exploring new ideas" - yes, good point Armando. If we don't stick to the historic faith to balance out the neophites, it would disappear and they might never return.

Jason Woolever said...

bill, I'm glad that you're reading confirms the same thing that I've found in mine. Thanks for sharing that.

gavin richardson said...

so for some reason i thought of this in reading this post. have a giggle with it.

Jason Woolever said...

those videos are very good, and you can't quite tell if their joking until they start talking about the body of Christ having to poop.