Thursday, October 19, 2006

an unfinished life

Last night, when I went to the video store to pick out a flick I heard the manager telling someone about how great this movie was. I decided to rent it.

Its a really good movie that deals fairly with difficult real life dilemmas like domestic violence, animal rights, forgiveness, overcoming bitterness, relational extrangement, and regaining a purpose for your life in the midst of severe loss. It's not overtly Christian, and the ways that all of these issues are dealt are not from a Christian perspective. However, I recommend it because it lays the problems out realistically and attempts to provide some sort of vision for the potential of healing.

Its got a PG13 rating and the most notable swear word is "God D--m". With that in mind I can recommend this movie if you go in with these issues in mind and are up for it.


JD said...


My wife and I watched that a few months ago. It was a descent movie and, as you stated, dealt with some difficult subjects fairly well. I would like to rename the movie "An Unfinished Movie." There was so much more that could have been addressed. It ended with me wanting more. I'm just sain'.


PS: Go see Facing the Giants! That is a great family movie.

bandlady said...

I'd go see this movie because it has one of my favorite actors in it, Damien Lewis. :)

Mike said...

strange... the word you mentioned Jason is only offensive in this country, and used liberally (even in the pulpit) in others.

Just a side issue!! (and I promise I won't use it at Pontiac next weekend!! hahaha)