Thursday, October 05, 2006

update from COR

I'm here at the Church of the Resurrection. About 50 feet away Dan Kimball is preparing to do his pre-Institute session on the Emerging Church. I'm keeping my eyes open for Joel Thomas.

By the way, Joel if you read this, here's my shedule

PreInstitute- Emerging Worship

Session 1- Building on Your Congregation's Strengths

Session 2- Small Churches up to Big Things

Session 3- Recentering on the Gospel

In the meantime, the last couple of days I've gotten to dive into the first 120 pages of the book The World Is Flat by Thomas Friedman (sp?). Its awesome.

Better get on over to get ready for the Emerging Workshop Session.


Brett said...

I'm very interested to read your thoughts after it's all over.

Joel Thomas said...


I am reading this, but we've already had lunch together. Nice to meet your wife. I have changed my mind about you in one regard. Before, I thought you were rail-skinny. Now I just think you are skinny.

Learned we have something in common -- we've both lived in Texas. Actually, there were some other things, too.

Thanks for the schedule.

Jason Woolever said...

great to hang with you today Joel!