Friday, October 27, 2006

willimon on modernity

Chapter 5 of Pastor... is called The Pastor as Interpreter of Scripture: A People Created by the Word. In it Willimon shares this beneficial critique of modernism:
Modernity has conditioned us to think that we are privileged to live at the very summit of human develoment, from which we look down with condescension upon everyone who arrived here before us. (111)
and later...
Because modernity believes in the notion of progress, it tends to be arrogant, taking a superior position toward all things that preceded modernity. Here we stand in judgment on everyone and everything that got here before us. Our entertainment culture renders all of us into "neophiles," lovers of the new. Martin Luther, in presenting his reform of the Mass condemned, "the fickle and fastidious spirits who rush in like unclean swine... who delight only in novelty and tire of it as quickly, when it has worn off." Still it is difficult for people like us not to believe that what is new is progressively better than what is old. (115)

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Anonymous said...

The early church never had a marketing plan, defined target demographics, or a vision statement that was created by committee.

(The Holy Trinity does not constitute the first committee. That would be against by theology.)

Yep, we have been trained to accept new and improved ... from laundry detergent to theology and biblical criticism.

Just me ranting,

John Flores
Frisco, Texas