Friday, October 13, 2006

the world is flat / denominational change

Friedman also addressed the change process that a country must go through in order to survive globalization. I think this analysis of when change occurs could also apply to us:
"There is no mother of invention like necessity, and only when falling oil prices force the leaders in the Middle East to change their contexts will they reform. Peopel don't change when you tell them they should. They change when they tell themselves they must. Or as John Hopkins foreign affairs professor Michael Mandelbaum puts it, 'People don't change when you tell them there is a better option. They change when they conclude that they have no other option.'" (p.462)
Haven't people been telling us we should change our structure for years now? Yet we (me included) have defended it as we continue to die. How close are we to understanding that we have no other option? How long will we deteriorate before we stop defending outdated structures and start changing them?

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