Tuesday, November 14, 2006

bread resembling body parts

I was just doing a google image search for pictures of bread for my sermon slides this week and came across this:
Kittiwat Unarom, 28, a Thai art student, has developed these works 'human being parts' made of bread at his studio in Potharam district of Ratchaburi province, south of Bangkok, Thailand. Kittiwat is a son of bakery owners...
The next time I get fed up with people fighting about whether or not we'll use bread or wafers for Communion, I might give this guy a call.

If you've got a stomach for more...


bandlady said...

Man...your sense of humor cracks me up!


Keith Taylor said...

your congregation actually argues over whether you should use bread or wafers? are you serious?

Jason Woolever said...

of course we do! we're methodists! and Christians! we're supposed to get upset about stuff like that!

Anonymous said...


This is a little disturbing. I am trying to get away from watching horror movies than bring up such disturbing images.

Jason, don't make me have to rate your blog PG-13. I might spill my milk and cookies before bedtime which such images.

Most churches ,I have been a member of or visted have used unleaven bread for communion. Other than when I was a Roman Catholic, unfermented grape juice is used (purple). I am told that Welch's grape juice was created specifically to met the needs of Methodists.

How would your congregation react to using Welch's sparkling white grape juice (carbonated)?

John Flores
Frisco, Texas