Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bride & Prejudice

Yesterday my wife called me at work and told me that she had picked up a movie at the library. She seemed excited. You have to understand that since getting married 6 years ago, I have watched more Jane Austen movies than maybe any other man in history. I've seen two or three versions of Pride & Prejudice and I've seen each of them at least two or three times. My wife tests my husbandly devotion usually every 6 months by saying, "Do we have anything going on tonight? We could watch Pride & Prejudice!?"

The movie that my wife picked up yesterday was Bride & Prejudice. This movie was filmed largely in India and is a modern spoof musical version on the Jane Austin classic. It was so nuts and so cheesy that you almost could not believe it was real. My wife, who does not like slapstick comedy much, was holding her sides laughing for two hours.

If your wife is a Jane Austen fan, surprise her tonight by checking this movie out at your local library. Its worth it for the shock value alone. And the dancing is incredible.


Holy Pirate said...

Marrying well is an incredible blessing.

Jason Woolever said...

you can say that again, pie man!

Jason's wife said...

It was a colorful and delightful musical filled with beautiful dancing and Indian culture. I would not call it cheesy. The deviances from the novel were kind of funny and the way the story was stretched to fit into modern times was interesting, but it was light- hearted and fun. I really don't think that I am as bad as every 6 months, but I do probably test my husband's devotion every once in a while with the movies I make him watch! (and I guess he shines through solid gold).

bandlady said...

I've wanted to see that movie for a long time. I think I'll "torture" my boyfriend with it at Christmas!

(You have a very tasteful wife, Jason!)

Jason Woolever said...

he would love it.

Anonymous said...


Keep up the movie reviews. I was getting concerned about you.

Best wishes,

John Flores