Tuesday, November 28, 2006

good questions

Brian at The Faithful Skeptic seems to me to be very good at asking the right questions. I really like his most recent post. Here's a blurb from it:
I think maybe the better discussion, at least for the methoblogosphere, is whether the Methodist church has room for the diversity of viewpoints that exist in the world? I’m not sure that we can, but at the same time I think the alternative is narrowly defined ideological churches serving particular communities. I don’t think that serves the broader church either. It also doesn’t work, in my opinion, to just gloss over our very distinct theological and ideological differences.

Are we stuck?
I think this is a very important question. Do we have the tools to handle our current level of theological diversity?


Brian said...

Jason - thanks for the compliment. You know, I think you hit the nail on the head. We don't currently have the tools to manage these conflicts. I'm not sure what they are, but what we have isn't working very well. It isn't just our problem as methodists either - look at all of the other mainline churches as well.

Jason Woolever said...

yeah, i wish i had a grip on how to get unstuck. it doesn't seem like splitting apart into splinter denominations or communities will serve the goal of preserving the larger group. but as it is, we eat each other up and tear each other apart, which seems to make us worse Christians rather than better.

j2 said...

No, UMC is helpless in the matter.

Jason Woolever said...

i think we may be. oh well. i wonder what God has planned for us.