Thursday, November 16, 2006

Haggard's friend claims to have known ahead of time

The latest e-installment of Christianity Today tells how one of Ted Haggard's friends, Lou Sheldon, another politically active Christian leader, claims he knew about Haggard's struggle with homosexuality before it became public.
We're all sinners. Some of us hide our sins better than others. Ted, who I've talked to on this issue—some of us have known for a while he had this problem. We weren't sure just how to deal with it. Finally the escort blew it out of the water.

He and I had a discussion. He said homosexuality is genetic. I said no it isn't. Never have amer acad of sciences or other scientific bodies found such a consensus. I just knw he was covering up. They NEED to say that.
Read more. There are definitely either some typos or strange words in there.

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