Monday, November 06, 2006

killer Piper sermon

I just listened to a very convicting sermon by John Piper (who happens to be a post-tribber), based on Romans 16:17-18, entitled Watch Out for Those Who Lead You Away from the Truth. It ended with these strong words:

Watch out for smooth talkers who pastor large churches, write many books, lead wide ministries, and do not manifestly prize above their earthly good the whole counsel of God.


Daniel McLain Hixon said...

is he talking about anybody in particular, I wonder, or just advocating a general principle here? ha!

Jason Woolever said...

yeah. when i heard that quote, a lot of different people came to mind.

JD said...

I think the struggle that we all face as Christians is adjusting to exposure. We can each, even with these little blogs, fall into the "fame game" trap and begin to move away from the Christ centered ministry to the me based ministry. Finding the balance and continually realizing who got us where we are can be beneficial in our daily live.

I really liked Daniel's comments on the Charismatic movement and the work of the Spirit in the church: "I wonder which is worse: attributing activity to the Holy Spirit which he has clearly not taken (as when some church leaders - even bishops - claim that the Spirit is leading the church in a direction contradictory to the clear teachings of the New Testament and unanimous tradition of the Church) or banning the work of the Spirit when it does show up because it threatens the control of church leadership and the status quo (as has happened pretty much anytime a Spirit-led renewal has broken out)." I think it sums up the challenges each church faces: growth, whether positive or negative and how to get there.


Jason Woolever said...

yes, very true. its hard to distinguish what comes from the Spirit and what comes from the flesh but is clothed in spiritual language in the church today.