Wednesday, November 15, 2006

most common american sins?

Next week I'm preaching on repentance. And I'm trying to think about the most common sins that the people in my pews, average church-going Americans, might need to repent from. Can you help me out? What do you think?

So far, I've thought of these:
materialism (idolatry)
looking the other way as people starve to death
neglecting the poor


Carol Herdien said...

Lack of being unable to fully forgive those who have hurt you or your family. Jesus said that if we can't forgive, then God can't forgive us for our sins. This is a difficult truth.

Anonymous said...

It's really been bugging me lately that people treat their families worse than a stranger on the street. Why can people say excuse me to a stranger but not their family?? I know the commandment says to honor parents but I like to include the whole family. Ask people what they think of their families in a week and see what the response is. Enough ranting...Kara

Keith Taylor said...

Sloth is a horrible American sin.

No, I'm not talking about laziness. I mean sloth in worship, sloth in our scripture and prayer, sloth in taking care of the Christian business.

Sloth is when you cease to care about anything.

You can pretty much pick any of the clasical Seven Deadly Sins, however, and you'll hit a chord.

Mike Rayson said...

An 'Israel' complex...

JD said...

Since no one else wants to address the 300lb gorilla sitting in the middle of the room, I figured that I would. Sexual sins. They destroy marriages, they destroy, lives, no one is immune from them, i.e., Ted Haggard.

Sexual sins involve power, greed, self-centeredness, idolatry, and pride.

Difficult subject matter to broach, but relevant.

Good luck, I hope it is posted on the Church website. I would like to hear it or read it when it is done.


armando said...

Do you really really really want a view from abroad?

Oloryn said...

Impatience (I've often thought that if there's a characteristic American failing that applies across political views, it's a focus on short-term solutions even if it makes things worse in the long term. That basically boils down to impatience).

Keith Taylor said...


What exactly is an "Israel" complex?

Jason Woolever said...

armando: yes

Anonymous said...


Don't forget the only unforgiveable sin, blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

I came across this website.


John Flores
Frisco, Texas

Anonymous said...

John Wesley - Sermon 86 - A Call to Backsliders is very revelant today for all Christians wheter Wesleyan in theology or not.

John Flores
Frisco, Texas

Jason Woolever said...

great sins gang! keep 'em comin'!

bandlady said...

I agree with JD!

Armando said...

Well, I don't pretend to be judgamental, simply see things from two perspectives: my country of origin Bolivia and the country where I live now for more than 8 yrs Belgium.

The US has become a world empire, with some characteristics:

1. Arrogance in international politics.
2. Irrational use of power to impose its own interests above those of other people.
3. Total disrespect for God's good creation (don't sign Kyoto agreement).
4. Mass murder in the name of democracy. Spending several hundreds of millons of dollars in wars, but not being able to make poverty history.
5. Irrational support of state terrorism (yes in Israel, but also historically in Latin America during the dictatorships of the 70's).
6. Dis-information = lies.
7. Imposition of economic dis-advantages to trade with the poorest countries (via commercial agreements).
8. Imposition of economical adjustments to developing countries via the World Bank (widening the gap between rich and poor).

Of course, these are mainly politics ... that affect the daily lives of thousands all over the world. Elections in the US affect abroad as well. Please don't call me "hater" since I do love North-Americans, and realise that their government often does not follow the heart of the people. Governments are, as pictured by Daniel, monsters originated in the depth of sea (the place that is most far away from God) ... Governments without God are eventually becoming monsters.

Be blessed,

Jason Woolever said...

hey armon, thanks for being candid. appreciate the outside view.

Mike Rayson said...

Keith - an Israel complex is another way to say that a whole portion of Americans see themselves as God's favoured above all others in the world.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

hi, i'd like to kindly ask ur permission to put ur list here on website i work on..

nothin offensive, just for fun..

Anonymous said...

mistreating others

these are common sins of teenagers

Keith said...

Just think of things that may break God's heart.