Thursday, November 02, 2006

my favorite australian

I have a new favorite Australian. Whereas it used to be a toss up between Nicole Kidman and Anthony Wiggle, Mike Rayson is now my sure favorite.

Our church in Pontiac just completed four days of worship experiences, teaching sessions, and Bible studies led by Mike. I met him last year at a pastor's convention where he was leading worship. Since then he's become a good friend. Mike is THE BEST STORYTELLER I have ever heard. I know this not only from hearing him tell them around my kitchen table, but also when preaching.

Before moving to the United States to travel around as a worship leader, preacher, teacher, and evangelist (in the best positive sense of the word), Mike lived in Australia where he worked as a pastor, a radio show host, and a traveling musician/speaker. A few years ago, Robert Schuller recruited him to tour around Australia providing music before he spoke each night.

An interesting thing about how Mike chooses to do ministry is that he doesn't charge anything when he comes to churches. When he began traveling around sharing God's word through music and preaching, he made a decision not to charge large amounts of money for his services as some of his peers in Christian music were doing. Instead, he only receives money from love offerings and CD sales. This means that he's much more accessible than many Christian musicians. And at the same quality. In the Christmas seasons of 2004 and 2005, Mike's song "Hey Joe" was number one on the Christian charts in Australia. He's the real deal.

If you're interesting in booking Mike for either a Sunday service, or for a series of worship experiences, email him at To get a sample of his music, check out his MySpace site at The official website for Mike Rayson International Ministries is

By the way, Mike doesn't know I'm writing this, and he definitely did not ask me to. I've often heard that the best way to spread the news of anything is to get people so excited about it that they do it naturally. I'm just excited about Mike's ministry and had to share about it. I highly commend him to you. Contact him for a booking as soon as you can.

PICTURED ABOVE: (left to right) Lon Alderman, Mike Rayson, my daughter, and me.


The Bass Player's Wife said...

Did he do the Snot Song? I love that one! ;)
Mike is fantastic. He shared two different times at our former church here in Vegas. My DH and I have two of his albums and at least one is in constant rotation in the car.

Jason Woolever said...

ha ha. i've heard the snot song, but he didn't do it this time.

jasons favourite australian said...

alright bass players wife, fess up. Just who are you?? Were you part of Trinity UMC in LV? I was out in Las Vegas a few weekends ago again, sionging and preaching at Trinity Life Center AG church on E St Louis Ave.

Where do you worship now?... and would they be interesting in bringing an aussie out to minister there?? (nothing like trying to get a gig)


gavin richardson said...

had a couple of conversations with mike, he seems like a very enjoyable and gifted man of faith