Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Scofield Reference Bible

For some reason, I just felt the desire to have a copy of the Scofield Reference Bible, the historic study Bible of Dispensationalism. I did a quick search and found the 1917 verion available for free use online at www.StudyLight.org.


Armando said...

Are you dispensationalist? Interesting. I used to be a fundamentalist pretribulationist rapturist, but left that approach like 15 yrs ago. Emergents don't endorse normally this eschatologic approach, that's why i found it "interesting" that it is a "post-methodist" who brings-up the issue.

Be blessed

Jason Woolever said...

Hi Armando. I would not call myself a Dispensationalist. I am a posttribulational premillenialist though. This week at least ;)

Carol Herdien said...

Jason, please explain to me in simple language what a "posttribulational premillenialist" is. I have never heard the term. Thanks.

Carol Herdien

Mike Rayson said...

I am firmly a pan-milleniest!

Jason Woolever said...

It means that the Church will be on earth when the Great Tribulation takes place, and that when Christ comes he will reign for a literal thousand years on earth from Jerusalem before the Final Judgment, which will followed by the New Heavens and the New Earth.

Anonymous said...

Some additional information for armchair theologians. (I believe ever beliver who ever asks questions about God, Jesus, sin, judgement, heaven, hell, etc. has become a theologian wheter they like it or not!)

A Brief Overview of Christian Eschatology

Biography of C.I. Scofield

Article on Scofield Reference Bible

Homepage of Scofield Memorial Church, Dallas, Texas - Church History section is very good. Also see their Doctrinal Statement in PDF format.

Another location of the Scofield Reference Notes

As a fundamentalist, it is really hard to stick with a theology without starting to learn Hebrew and Greek.

I'm not a professional clergy just a layman (sometimes an immature one at that).

Most emergents do not have a defined systematic or pratical theology that I can embrace with heart and mind.

Sometimes after studying theology, mathematics, or philosophy I remember that I must become like a like child to receive Jesus and his kingdon.

It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

John Flores
Frisco, Texas