Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Second Chance

I was looking forward to a nice cozy night at home Friday night watching a movie. We decided that my wife would go to the video store and pick out a flick while I watched the kids and cooked a frozen pizza (pizza is a Friday tradition at our house). When my wife got home I asked, "What did you get?" I had given her a couple of recommendations, knowing that there was a good chance she's come home with a chic flick. Her answer: "I got this movie starring Michael W. Smith and some other guy. It's about a praise and worship leader at a suburban church who pushes the envelope and get sents to work in the inner city."

My heart sunk. She had to be kidding. Don't get me wrong. I think Smith's music is great. But I had very little faith that this movie I'd never heard of about a praise and worship leader would meet my standards for cinematic excellence.

In review: This movie was surprisingly good. Did it have some cheesiness? Of course. But overall it was like a powerful one point sermon about the mission efforts of churches. The movie makes a strong statement about how many Christians really get behind efforts to minister in thriving, expanding communities, and even do world missions, but at the same time, neglecting the inner city poor who live within a short driving distance. This movie really convicted me about the difficulty of inner city ministry and about the issues that drive children into gang life.

I can't say that this was a movie I was excited about seeing. After seeing it, I can say this is a movie that you need to see. It will probably challenge you and break your heart for the pain and poverty that exists within a short distance from your house, and also inspire you to remember that Jesus is the answer even there.


Gerry said...

What a great review Jason. You are right about the poor near us - and about wondering what it would take to help them.


JD said...


This is a similar feeling, but on a differnet level, you get from watching Facing the Giants. That would be another Friday night movie for you and your wife. I am planning on buying it when it comes out. In talking with my wife about it, she actually seemed interested in seeing a football movie. Go figure~~~

Anyway, for others, my review of Facing the Giants, is here.


Jason Woolever said...

thanks for the referral JD.

Anonymous said...


The Second Chance - movie had a limited marketing plan.

Michael W. Smith came to Prestonwood Baptist Church to lead worship and also to run a trailer for the movie. A number of churches, Christian books stores, and blogs promoted the movie without the expense of a major TV campaign.

Second Chance gives an excellent example of how the suburban church and urban church together can be salt and light for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. - Dr. Jack Graham, Pastor Prestonwood Baptist Church

The Second Change Blog

I would like to see your list of movies of cinematic excellence. I'm a movie buff as well. I am trying to move aware from stuff I used to watch.

I don't put anyone outside of Dallas on some of my email lists because most has only local appeal and also most is related to Prestonwood Baptist Church. Sometimes I get on people's nerves with email lists. I did promote The Second Chance movie a bit.

One other movie to look for. It may still be in theatres in your area and will be on DVD at some point.

One Night With The King

May God Bless you and your family,

John Flores
Frisco, Texas

Jason Woolever said...

hey John,
I do want to see A Night With the King. Its still in theaters up here. I don't really have a good list of movies. I just meant a movie that doesn't totally stink.