Friday, November 03, 2006

ted haggard

Yesterday my wife walked into the house and said, "Who's that guy who is the head of the big evangelical association?" I responded, "Ted Haggard?" She said, "Yeah, he's the one. NPR just said that he's been accused of hiring a male prostitute."

I immediately checked this out on the internet to see if it were true and it is. Haggard has temporarily stepped down as both the head of the National Evangelical Association, and as the pastor of his 14,000 member megachurch in Colorado Springs.

Today its out in the open that Haggard has confessed to committing some of the things was he accused of by mail prostitute Mike Jones.

This really weird. I have all kinds of thoughts about all this.
1) If these allegations are not true, then look at how easy it is to get someone to resign from the ministry, at least temporarily. (But today even Haggard says some of it is true.)

2) In some ways I'm not surprised. This is the most disturbing of all. But with that has happened with Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, Mike Trout (former co-host of Focus on the Family) and others, it seems that high power charismatic Christian leaders fall into some pretty depraved stuff sometimes. I don't know much about Ted Haggard and I hope this isn't true, but unfortunately we've seen this before.

3) If this is true, what will it mean to evangelicalism? This makes us look bad, bad, bad.

4) If this is true, what will the NAE do in response? Will they openly and honestly address this? How will they treat Haggard?

Pray for everyone involved!


TN Rambler said...

Rather than what will this do to evangelicalism, I'm more concerned with what this might do to the witness of the whole body.

I've never been enamored with the "leadership" of the evangelical movement because I don't agree with their mean spirited take on the Gospel and the general arrogance that seems to be prevalent among them.

If the allegations are true, then the rest of us will have a harder time getting the message across to those who need to hear it...and honestly, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Jason Woolever said...

good work rambler, but what does this mean? "I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop."

TN Rambler said...

Well, in the short span of 24 hours or so, we've gone from complete denial of even knowledge of the accuser to acknowledgement of being aquainted with the accuser to the point of purchasing drugs from him and getting a massage. The cynical side of me wonders what the next revelation will be from Mr Haggard.

Jason Woolever said...

yeah. it seemed just a little to fishy that all of the sudden haggard to confessed to exactly as much the voice mails could prove, and no more. i'm also asking, "What's coming next?"

Mike Rayson said...

Haggard has now been fired from his post as Pastor at New Life (according to CNN of a few minutes ago). A sad chapter indeed, but one that reminds us that we are always only one stuff up away from embarrassing the kingdom asnd calling the name of Jesus into disrepute.

TN Rambler said...

Sorry. It's been one of "those" weeks and this topic just set me off. The tone of my previous comments are a little over the top.

This entire situation makes me sad.

Sad for the fact that these allegations against a brother in Christ open us all up to ridicule and make it harder for us to be a witness to the lost.

And sad for the family of Ted Haggard as they endure the pain and humiliation no matter if the accusations are proven true or false.

JD said...


This bothers me too, and really goes to the comments from the previous post about a pastor being a witness. Everyone scrutinizes them. Think about the huge controversy if something along these lines or some other scandal came out about Joel Olsteen...

Pastors are human, and we, as the congregation may see this, and pray, but the media jumps on it like a pack of rabid dogs, "See we told you that those Christians were hypocrites!" I also have a concern about Christians' ability to witness effectively, but the best apostles of Jesus slipped up more than one time.

Pray, pray, pray....As usual, pray for the Christian Church as a whole.


Bill Byars said...

I agree that the first thing we should do here is pray, for those directly involved and for those unbelievers watching this shaming of Christ.

Another thing we need to do is to try to help the Body not become victims of second-hand harm. Strengthened by the trial, certainly. But as Chrysostom would teach, I believe, we need to be grateful for the trial, know that God will lead us back to health, that we should remain rooted in the goals of His long-term goals and not lose heart. At times like this it is especially important to have a God- and eternity-centered worldview.

I fear many will fall away in embarrassment, denial, and disappointment.

An event like this also increases my self-examination. And I think that's good too, if I do it sincerely and carefully.

I'll be praying for him and his family. And I have to say also that I personally hope he never teaches the Body again, except to share his confession to aid in forgiveness and his own healing.

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