Sunday, December 10, 2006

John Piper on defending the faith

A couple days ago, I finally began reading John Piper's classic book Desiring God. On page 331, he gives this admonition to Christians:
Whenever a Christian converses with a non-Christian about the truth of the faith, every request of the non-Christian for the proof of Christianity should be met with an equally serious request for proof for the non-Christian's philosophy of life. Otherwise we get the false impression that the Christian worldview is tentative and uncertain, while the more secular worldviews are secure and sure, standing above the need to give a philosophical and historical accounting of themselves. But that is not the case.

Many people who demand that Christians produce proof of our claims do not make the same demand upon themselves. Secular skepticism is assumed to be reasonable because it is widespread, not because it is well argued. We should simply insist that the controversy be conducted with fairness. If the Christian must produce proof, so must others.

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