Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Lion in Winter

Last night my wife brought home this 1968 movie from the library. I had never heard of it. The story is set in 12th century England.

It is adapted from a play and has some of most mind-bending (in a good way) dialogue I've ever experienced. I find it very refreshing to watch an excellent old movie that is based on great acting and a stunning script rather than on special effects.

The cast not only includes Peter O'Toole and Katherine Hepburn, but also Anthony Hopkins and Timothy Dalton, but much younger versions of them than I'm used to seeing. Great movie - and free, if you can check it out at the library.


bandlady said...

My boyfriend was in that play in college! It's one of his favorites. His favorite role and play was Sir Thomas More in "A Man for All Seasons"

I really like this film, mainly because I'm a big Katherine Hepburn fan.

Jason Woolever said...

i thought it was very good.

Dana said...

So, so, so good. It's sad, and yet happy at the same time, because you can see that they all love each other so much (with the possible exception of John!) but that very fact is what makes it possible for them to hurt each other so much as well... *sigh*