Friday, December 22, 2006

Mark Driscoll on contending for the faith in a post-modern setting

In this excellent sermon, Mark Driscoll says that we must contend for the following doctrines which are under attack in this post-modern age:
1) the innerancy of Scripture
2) the sovereignty of God
3) the virgin birth
4) the sinfulness of humanity
5) the substitutionary atonement
6) the exclusivity of Christ
7) the differences between males and females
8) a literal hell
9) the kingdom is in priority over culture

To be clear: He's not saying these are the only doctrines important to Christianity, but ones that are currently being challenged by "popular" theology.


JD said...
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JD said...


Downloaded the lecture and burned it to a cd to listen to on the way to the parents. Had my wife listen to it too. That was a powerful message and one that all pastors need to here, as well as lay people in the church who's role is to lead and share the gospel in an effective manner.

Thanks for posting it. I want to digest a little more and my comment on it later (along with the 3 others things that I am working on). There were a few things that he pointed out that really made me laugh, but were so true...When he talks about Rob Bell and the wall of theology and doctrine and he asks if taking the "brick" of the Virgin birth out would really cause any issues. His response made me laugh, "Yeah (giggle), we'd lose Jesus. I went to public school and I could figure that out...I am not sure that my IQ is bigger than my waist, but I think we need that. I was reading in Isaiah where it said that was important." He continues on to re-quote Jude 1:3 and finishes by saying, "Don't mess with Jesus' mother, I doubt he would take it kindly."

He brings the points of the gospel to a level that all can understand in when he shares. He truly is, in his own terms, "relevant" and "contextual."


JD said...

I deleted my first post due to some serious spelling issues.


Jason Woolever said...

ha ha. Merry Christmas JD!

JD said...

You too!

John said...

They're all good choices.

Brett said...

Reminds me of the Together for the Gospel Statement.
I have seen the final signed pdf document somewere, but I'm too lazy to find it right now.

Jason Woolever said...

brett, i checked out the T4G stuff. that's pretty cool. thanks for the link.

Daniel McLain Hixon said...

ha, sounds like a replay of the 5 fundamentals of the "Fundamentalism" of the early 20th century. Maybe that means things haven't changed all that much. I am afraid that making very short lists of THE doctrines (however true and important they certainly are) is not the best approach to defending the rich and glorious faith that God has delivered to his saints -- Especially since it fails to do holistic business with the ideological reasons that lie behind the increased hostility toward this or that teaching of the Church.