Friday, December 22, 2006

new defender's study bible

This Christmas I received a CBD gift certificate from a family member. I decided to order myself a copy of The New Defender's Study Bible. It just came in yesterday. As you can tell from the cover, all of the notes in it are from the literal creationist viewpoint. I spent some time last night reading over the notes in various passages, especially Genesis 1 and 2. So far I'm very impressed with the effort that Dr. Morris has gone to in providing scientific explanations for every detail of the Creation account.

I like having a number of different study Bibles that give me different perspectives on the Scripture. Here are a few others that I recommend:

The Life Application Study Bible (NIV) - If a person asks me about a study Bible that explains difficult passages and provides insightful applications, I always point them toward this best-seller. Its got great study notes and indexes. I recommend the NIV for folks who want an easy-to-read translation. Its also similar enough to other Bible translations that a person doesn't get lost in a group Bible study when people are reading from different translations (as sometimes happens with The Message).

The Reformation Study Bible - This study Bible only comes in the ESV (my current favorite translation). It offers notes that are specifically Reformed/Calvinist in theology. However, its very charitable in explaining that some people understand passages differently and even offers the different explanations. I think this is a good study Bible to use in mainline non-dispensational settings, because many mainliners resist insisting that passages should only be interpreted one way. This study Bible is very clear on non-negotiables and very charitable in negotiables. Its general editor is R.C. Sproul.

The Ryrie Study Bible - This study Bible is available in a number of translations and offers the reader a clear interpretation of the Scriptures from a classic dispensational perspective. It doesn't usually offer differing perspectives, but neither does it claim to. I like this because it helps me understand the very popular theological perspective.

If you're in need of a last minute Christmas gift, you can still give a CBD gift certificate! I was very excited to get mine.

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Brett said...

I love my Reformation Study Bible