Monday, December 18, 2006

tragic news

Last year I went with a group from our church to spend a week at the Red Bird Mission in Kentucky. We're going back this summer to spend a week there again. We've already begun raising funds. I was saddened when I got this information by email this morning from our district office.

A significant decline in contributions has created a crisis that may result in the closing of the school at Red Bird Mission, one of four mission institutions of the United Methodist Red Bird Missionary Conference. The conference is in an isolated area in the heart of Appalachia, a geographic region that stretches along the Appalachian mountain range from Mississippi to southern New York. Red Bird Mission School in Beverly, Ky., has been in existence since 1921. For the past three years the mission has been operating with a deficit, using reserves to meet the shortfall, said Fred Haggard, executive director. Donations can be made through the Advance Special #773726 and mailed to Red Bird Mission, 70 Queendale Ctr., Beverly, KY 40913. Secure credit-card donations can be made through the Red Bird Mission Web site at

Donations can also be made through your own local church.

What seems strange about this is that missions giving seems to be reaching record highs with giving going to disaster relief. I feel that why disaster relief is so so important, we need to continue to support the mission efforts that we were giving to prior to the larger scale disasters.


Anonymous said...


This is one of those quasi political issues that I feel ill equiped to comment on.

I share you inquiries on where does the money really go for missions. I know the Red Bird Mission is near and dear to your heart.
It is good that you blog your mission trips on what good has been accomplished.

With prayer and using the power of the blog to make awareness, you will continue to make a difference.

Merry Christmas,

John Flores

"The world has yet to see the power of one man wholly consecrated to Christ".

D.L. Moody

Anonymous said...

yo ho ho and a bottle of moonshine