Friday, January 19, 2007

good flicks

If you are a Christian who loves movies like I am, you're always hunting for good clean movies that are well produced and have a good story line. I thank God that the quality of Christian entertainment continues to increase every year.

One great series of movies that we have stumbled upon is Love Comes Softly series. We saw the first one a year ago or so, and we watched the second one, Love's Enduring Promise, a couple nights ago. There are a couple more that we hope to see soon. The third is called Love's Long Journey, and the fourth Love's Abiding Joy. They are all based on a series of books by Janette Oke which my wife read when she was younger.

Don't get me wrong. These movies are definitely a little Little-House-On-the-Prairie-ish (What would you expect when the director is Michael Landon Jr.?). However, you've probably experienced what I have more often than you would like to admit. You've gone to the movie store, picked out a movie that looks like it won't put sexy or destructive thoughts in your head, only to find out that you were duped! Even prime time TV is full of harmful stuff!

If you want a safe and well done set of movies that you can watch with your wife and/or family check these out. I think they're good.


Vicki said...

Jason, I'll second your recommendation: All of these movies are good, clean, safe, and very well done. I believe I've watched "Love Comes Softly" maybe 7 or 8 times, and I'll watch them all again, and probably again still!

For the readers, I would recommend anything written by Janette Oke.

Thanks for sharing!

Jason Woolever said...

vicki "7 or 8 times"... now that's a good recommendation! My wife has very similar tastes as yours. She loves the books.

The story lines are very good.

JD said...

Don't forget. "Facing the Giants" comes out next Tuesday.

Woo Hooo!


bandlady said...

Loved watching these movies, too. Great stories for anyone in the family.

I'm glad Michael Landon's son is producing quality family entertainment in the tradition of his dad.

John said...

My atheist brother and his wife gave us this movie for Christmas. Haven't watched it yet.

Jason Woolever said...

that was thoughtful of your atheist brother and his wife.