Monday, January 22, 2007

marks of a growing church

Something made me think of an article I read a couple of years ago about the marks of a growing church. The marks were found by Adrian Rogers, a pastor in Memphis, Tenn., and Ed Young, a pastor in Houston. Here are the marks they found:

1) They were strongly led by their pastors.

2) They were strong Bible churches.

3) They were good-time churches.

4) They were churches in unity.

5) Each church had an indomitable spirit of conquest.


gavin richardson said...

some of the language within those marks have me questioning how faithful they are to my denominational expression.

being methodist, the church should be led by a strong congregation.

"bible churches" i can accept even though i know that my understanding of this and the the understanding from the article are very different.

the "good-time" church as described in the article sounds like the movement of the seeker sensitive church, which congregations are moving away from. they will still sustain some success as it is playful and people need a spirituality of play today, even if it is on sunday worship.

what caught my eye with the "unity" spot was the distinction of "city" as if diversity as they describe happens there, or that in order for growth one needs to associated with a city, all simply not true.

the "conquest" or "driveness" of the congregation certainly shows the baptist overtones. i can get behind the great commission, but that isn't all that we should be about.

lastly the closing paragraph tells of how the preacher sets the tone, that shouldn't be the case within a methodist church. that is the congregations job.

Jason Woolever said...

yeah, most of those will not be found in methodist churchs for sure!