Wednesday, January 17, 2007

maybe it is about the numbers...

I just received an interesting article, written by Lovett H. Weems, Jr. I think he has a good point. Here's a blurb:
Have you ever said, “It’s not about the numbers” or “We don’t want just numbers”? I have. But not anymore. I have decided it is about the numbers. A pastor’s tongue-in-cheek parody helped me see the point.

Pastor Tim Stevens tells about going on vacation when his three children were quite young. The entire family was standing in a crowded hotel lobby in a big city when, to his surprise, he saw one of their children, a three-year old, in an elevator going skyward, her nose pressed to the glass with fright on her face. “What am I to do?” the pastor thought. “Nothing,” was his reply. After all, two out of the three children were still there. And, after all, there were many things he and his wife had not yet done with the remaining two children. Maybe they should focus more on having a deeper relationship with the two remaining children. In fact, this pastor had never really been a numbers person. He was not the kind of pastor who, if he came to the end of a vacation with fewer children than at the beginning of the vacation, would feel guilty about the negative numbers. “I’m just not into the numbers game,” the pastor insisted.

As I thought about this story, it struck me that when we end a year with two children fewer on our Sunday School roles, those are someone’s children. Or when a campus ministry adds numbers to its participants, each of those students is someone’s child. The world is full of children alone on elevators. They are the numbers we seek.


Armando said...

Hi Jason, you make me think of the parables of the lost coin or the lost sheep. It is indeed a Kingdom principle, and thanks for providing such a fresh "parable".

allenm said...

I've read his book! Numbers are very important, not to mention biblical. God expects His Church to grow. It's non-negotiable. There is so much work for us to do in God's Kingdom through the churches. I track where we are all the time in my 3 churches. Our churches are growing, which adds to the momentum and the drive of the numbers we have as well as strengthens the life of our churches.
Oakwood in particular (the middle church on the charge) has been the quickest turnaround I have ever seen!

Jason Woolever said...

I thought it was a good story too. I haven't read any of his books, but I've heard him speak.

I'm glad that your church turned around so quickly! To God be the Glory!